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Colorful Rooster

Imagine my surprise when I saw this colorful rooster on the road when we  (Canelo and me)  were out on our evening walk. At first I thought it was a pheasant rooster. But the pheasants tend to flee when you approach them. This one came cackling towards us, showed no fear, continuing pecking something edible from the ground. It is a rooster. Isn’t it ? Hens usually are not this colorful. I looked up colorful rooster images on Google. To me it looks like it’s a “Domestic Red Jungle Fowl”. I maybe wrong about it. Anyway, I think this one probably lost some of his tail feathers. Someone here in the neighborhood has to own it. I looked around me trying to figure out from where it could have escaped. Of course at 9 pm on a Saturday evening there is no one I could ask whose rooster it is. I hope he finds his way back home to safety.

18.5.2014  –  PS

The reason for my astonishment yesterday when I saw the colorful rooster strolling on the road is that in all these years, about 38 years, that we have been around in the neighborhood I have not seen anyone keeping chickens here. But, I’m sure it was very common still in the 1950’s.

On my early morning walk with Canelo we took the same path as yesterday. Now I saw a small chicken coop and run on a front yard of a house. Of course it was there yesterday, right in front of my eyes, but I was blinded by the handsome rooster. The coop (more like a small wooden box)  and the run only surrounded by an about 50 cm high welded wire mesh. No roof !  Now I understand how he got out on the road. He simply flew over it 🙂

This was difficult. So many unfamiliar words to me. I’m afraid none of my writing makes any sense. I feel ashamed by my very bad English. I need to skip writing in English and just stick to my mother tongue.

Colorful rooster img_5837cc Colorful rooster img_5838cc Colorful rooster img_5839cC