Daily Archives: May 9, 2014

Mittens in black and white

Novita lapaslehti  01Novita lapaslehti C
About two weeks ago I was in the library to see if I could find some knitting magazines. Imagine, me looking for knitting magazines. Me, just a beginner when it comes to knitting.

For sometime already I have had in mind to perhaps find a pattern for knitting a sweater. Then I saw the mittens in black and white (Pictures scanned from Novita knitting magazine) and decided right there that I’m going to knit myself one more pair of mittens. I read the instructions which did not seem too difficult. I thought it piece of cake even for a beginner knitter like me. I’ll knit the sweater later.

Stickade mönstervantar Knitted pattern mittens neulottuja kuviolapasia IMG_5646C Stickade mönstervantar Knitted pattern mittens neulottuja kuviolapasia IMG_5695CC

Well, it was a piece of cake all the way till I began to decrease the stitches. I soon found out I couldn’t get the pattern correctly done, not matter what. I tore it three times and then just did it may way. Next I was in trouble with the thumbs. Same thing, couldn’t get it right. I tore it down once and gave up and knitted the thumbs in black. Black did not look good to me so I made them in white. I’m happy I got the project finished and was able to prove my, ever supportive, loving, husband wrong, who predicted the project probably was too hard for me 🙂