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Second Pair Of Socks ~ Bouquet Of Tulips ~ First Anemone Hepatica

Look, my second pair of socks 🙂 I actually finished them more than a month ago but have not had the energy to neither take a picture or write anything.  The yarn I used for the socks in charcoal gray only has 40% of wool. This light gray yarn has 75% wool. These socks are much warmer.
ljusgrÄa sockor img_5567ccBukett tulpaner img_5564cc

How sweet of my very good friend and her family to cheer me up with this wonderful bouquet of tulips when I came back from the hospital. She knows how much I love flowers and specially to take pictures of them. Thank you so much Sari.

BlÄsippor IMG_5559C

Hurray ! It’s spring 🙂 Sinivuokot, BlĂ„sipporna the Anemone Hepatica are in bloom. My husband saw them in bloom already while I was in the hospital but I saw my first ones of the spring on Sunday when I was out for a short walk with Canelo.

Blood Clots In The Lungs

Back home after a week in hospital because of blood clots in the lungs. For weeks I was not feeling good. I could not understand why it was so hard to breath. Little by little it got worse. Then it also started hurting at every breath. It was bad. I was unable to go for my evening walks with Canelo. Then one night I was sitting in the bed (could not lay down) Leif woke and realized it was bad and took me to the hospital. I still feel weak but am so thankful things are as good as they are now. I need medication for, at least, the next six months maybe for even a longer period. There are many risk factors for developing blood clots. In my case the most likely one is overweight. I have to lose weight and I will. I hope and pray I will not have to go though any other clots. It hurt and it was scary.

View from hospital window
Vy genom sjukhusfönstret IMG_5533C Vy genom sjukhusfönstret IMG_5537CC


Oranges 1 IMG_5515 Oranges 2  IMG_5517 Oranges 3 img_5531Yesterday you could buy a bucket of either oranges or apples, about 6 kg, at K supermarket for 5 €.  As I make smoothies practically every morning I filled a bucket of oranges. The apples looked more like the best before day already expired. Back at home I counted how many oranges we got for the 5 €. Twenty one, not bad :=) I like oranges and very often use them in the smoothies. For the next days we are going to have orange, mango, pineapple smoothies. Yummy !

Shrove Sunday

Shrove buns IMG_5506C

Today it is Shrove Sunday. My husband always wants to celebrate both on Sunday and then again on Tuesday. In my opinion Tuesday is the day. Well, both Sunday and Tuesday are okay. I made a baking tray with buns enough for afternoon coffee also on Tuesday. When we were kids we had them with warm milk. Nowadays we have them filled with both marzipan, raspberry or strawberry jam and whipped cream. If you buy them they are filled with either marzipan and whipped cream or the jam and cream.