Runeberg’s tarts/cakes

On February 5th we celebrated the birth of Finland’s national poet J. L. Runeberg.  Of course I would bake Runeberg’s tarts/cakes also this year. I made them last year and even the year before.

I should have made them already on Tuesday the 4th. Unfortunately I forgot to buy gingerbread. I didn’t want to make them without. When I cook or bake or anything for that matter I need to follow any recipe or any instructions to the dot. Yesterday I bought the gingerbread but forgot an other thing, raspberry jam for the topping. To my disappointment I had to use strawberry jam instead. Good thing we had it at home.

The recipe says mix the dry ingredients together. I measured all the dry ones into a mixing bowl. Then the recipe says whisk the sugar and the butter and add the eggs. What ? ! Oh no ! Where’s the sugar ? Oops, I had mixed it with all the other dry ingredients. Blaaah ! I was convinced the whole thing would turn out a disaster. I certainly could not add more sugar. What else was there to do than to add the butter and eggs into the bowl and knead it like you knead a dough.

To my surprise they turned out pretty good. After all, I’m going to make Runeberg’s cakes also next year.

Runebergstårta img_5416cC

2 thoughts on “Runeberg’s tarts/cakes

  1. saxsilverain

    oooh, looks so pretty! well done!!

    funny, we are exactly alike, i also always follow instructions for baking/cooking on the dot (and become very stressful already if something is missing, or if i missed a step, convinced that the result will be disastrous!). 😀 i think we may take things too seriously, thankfully the results from your cookings/bakings have always looked perfect!


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