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Tablet, Protective Case, Macally PenPal, Keyboard

For already some time already I have wanted a tablet. Every time I mentioned it to my husband he said are you really sure need one.  Well, I told him, of course I do not need one but It would be nice. I was a bit torn whether to buy a new cell phone or a tablet. I still am using my Nokia N95 phone from, I think, end of 2007.  At some point I  wanted a Lumia. Then two or three days before Christmas I decided to stick to my old Nokia N95 and buy myself a tablet as Christmas present.
img_5399 cc

It is an Acer Iconia B1.  7” ” Screen Display. 16 GB internal Storage 1 GB Ram. The size is just perfect for the kind of shoulder bag I use.
Acer Tablet  IMG_5400CAcer Tablet Protective Case IMG_5401C

I wonder why I did not buy a protective cover at the same time I bought the tablet. Well, on Monday I ordered one from Verkkokauppa and a Macally penpal for touchscreens. Both arrived yesterday.
Logitech Double Keyboard Latin Cyrillic img_5397cc

One more thing I bought is a double keyboard, a latin-cyrillic one. I am still studying Russian at Arbis, The Swedish Adult Education Center. Now I am able to do my homework using word and not writing them by hand. My handwriting is terrible, hardly readable.

Felt like Christmas 🙂  🙂

Two More Quam Pictures

On Saturday when I shot the picture (s) of Quam I tried to get him looking straight at me. It was impossible as he was distracted by both Canelo and Quismo. So yesterday when he was sitting out doors on the patio awaiting for me to open the door and let him in I saw my chance. I run for the camera and shot through the patio door window. He is such a handsome, gorgeous cat.

Quam img_5385 ccQuam IMG_5388 C

New Toys From Santa

Cat & dog toys IMG_5310C Quam img_5255 B Quam IMG_5255 CCCAs always, at Christmas Santa brings gifts to all three, Quam, Quismo and Canelo. As soon as we put the parcels under the tree, together with other parcels, they all three come and find the them. Doesn’t take the cats long to find their toys as they are with catnip. Quam loves all toys with catnip. Quismo usually quite quickly get tired of them. Canelo got a Teddy. He wants us to throw it again and again and again. When we go to bed he go finding Teddy and bring him to the bedroom.