Knitted Hat

Knitted Hat Stickad mössa  IMG_5034C Knitted Hat Stickad mössa IMG_5036C As soon as I had finished the knitted pot holder I started to knit a hat. I already long ago had looked for a pattern on DROPS Design. The instructions did not seem too complicated. In two days I finished it. I was eager to try it on. Oh no! I should have knitted a medium size and not a large. Leif was laughing out loud when he saw me.  He suggested holes for the eyes as it fell down so I was unable to see anything. Hah-hah-haa . . . A rubber band and a “tupsu/tofs” was the solution. Now I can use it. The hat on DROPS’ pages looks a bit different but I’m okay with the way mine looks.

2 thoughts on “Knitted Hat

  1. aheikkinen Post author

    Thank you 🙂 Yes, the hat needed a “tupsu”. Looks better with it. I’m now knitting a scarf. I have knitted 60 cm still need to knit about 80-90 cm depending of what length I want.

  2. saxsilverain

    looks much better with the tupsu! often when there’s an “accident” and you have to come up with a solution, the end result is much better than the original idea, don’t you think? great job on this one! 🙂


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