Daily Archives: November 30, 2013

Banana Cake

In the beginning of the week the bananas were cheep. We buy a lot of bananas as I make smoothies almost every morning. Banana-avocado, banana-mango-pineapple, banana-mango-orange etc etc. As still so many ripe bananas about to get too dark I decided to make a banana cake. The recipe said two bananas but, as they are quite tiny, I used three. Even if the cake has a flavor of cinnamon, ginger, coffee and cocoa. Despite all of those you still can feel the taste of banana. Shooting the picture on the kitchen counter is not the best possible place but I was in a hurry as the finals of “Dancing On Ice” was about to begin 😉 Banana Cake img_5159cC

Knitted Hat

Knitted Hat Stickad mössa  IMG_5034C Knitted Hat Stickad mössa IMG_5036C As soon as I had finished the knitted pot holder I started to knit a hat. I already long ago had looked for a pattern on DROPS Design. The instructions did not seem too complicated. In two days I finished it. I was eager to try it on. Oh no! I should have knitted a medium size and not a large. Leif was laughing out loud when he saw me.  He suggested holes for the eyes as it fell down so I was unable to see anything. Hah-hah-haa . . . A rubber band and a “tupsu/tofs” was the solution. Now I can use it. The hat on DROPS’ pages looks a bit different but I’m okay with the way mine looks.