Father’s Day 2013

Happy Father’s Day !

In Finland Father’s Day is the second Sunday in November which is today. Leif wanted to know already in the beginning of the week am I going to bake a cake. Yes I will I said. What kind of cake do you want I asked him. He said any cake is okay but please don’t make one with salty liquorice 😉

I wrote “täytekakku” on Google search, clicked images, scrolled down and found couple of cakes with whipped cream and green jellies (Fazerin vihreitä kuulia) topping. The Green marmalade balls are, since as long as I can remember, his favorite marmalade. He always gets a box of them for birthday as well as for Christmas present.

My cake does not look as nice as the ones I saw on Google search. I certainly  am no good a baker. The result is far from the cakes I see on The Great British Bake Off or koko Suomi leipoo.

cake img_5020ccc  green jellies gröna kulor cc

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