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Father’s Day 2013

Happy Father’s Day !

In Finland Father’s Day is the second Sunday in November which is today. Leif wanted to know already in the beginning of the week am I going to bake a cake. Yes I will I said. What kind of cake do you want I asked him. He said any cake is okay but please don’t make one with salty liquorice ūüėČ

I wrote “t√§ytekakku” on Google search, clicked images, scrolled down and found couple of cakes with whipped cream and green jellies (Fazerin vihreit√§ kuulia) topping.¬†The Green marmalade balls are, since as long as I can remember, his favorite marmalade. He always gets a box of them for birthday as well as for Christmas present.

My cake does not look as nice as the ones I saw on Google search. I certainly  am no good a baker. The result is far from the cakes I see on The Great British Bake Off or koko Suomi leipoo.

cake img_5020ccc  green jellies gröna kulor cc