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Quismo I very much would appreciate you not sneaking around behind the TV. I am afraid you mess the internet connection or the antenna or some of the other things. There are way too many cords and wires . . .

Quismo img_4984cc

What are you talking about ! Have I ever ?

Colorful Autumn

Fall 2013 IMG_4918CSince my last post, about a month ago, the nature now has turned into these wonderful fall colors. Every fall I keep saying to my husband, many times a day, look how beautiful it is.

I have hardly been out photographing at all. There has been so many things to take care of. Also I continue studying Russian language at the Adult Education Center for the third year. The class is for 1,5 h twice a week. I have to work so hard. At least twice as hard compared to when I was younger to even remember any of it.

A couple of weeks ago my computer broke down. I have a new one with Windows 8. At first it all seemed total abracadabra to me. A friend of mine told me not to worry because, she said, you will get used to it in no time. She was right. It was, after all, not that complicated.

Most of all I miss the programs I used to use for uploading & editing my pictures. I cannot get them to work the way they did on my old computer. Maybe they just don’t work with Windows 8  ! Both of the programs came with my Canon cameras. Now I am using other programs but it’s not at all the same !

Autumn 2013 IMG_4898C