Warm August Evening

What a beautiful August Saturday evening. Warm, blue skies, no wind. We took a trip to Helsinki. Down at Café Ursula , where you have wonderful seaside views was, as always, an evening like this, a lot of people.

Sailing ship Picture 965C_1 Sailing ship Picture 968_1

A sailing ship from Åland Islands according to the flag.

Bungee Jumping Picture 978_1

Young men jumping bungee. On the way up.

Bungee Jumping Picture 984_1

Eeeeeeek ! You could hear some of the guys scream. Many jumped without a sound.

Bungee Jumping Picture 976_1

Soon they were back down.

Barnacle Geese Picture 988_1 Barnacle Goose Picture 969C_1

My goodness how many Barnacle Geese there are in “Kaivopuisto ! I think many hundreds. They are  big birds. They eat a lot and what goes in comes out. You really need to watch your step to avoid getting your shoes dirty.

Yes, it was a lovely evening. I’d loved to stay until sunset but my husband. No, no he said. It’s already late. Let’s go home. Hmmm, late at 9 pm !  Home we went.

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