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Barnacle Geese ~ Branta Leucopsis

Today is the last official day of summer. The geese also know it. Already for some days there has been huge flocks of them flying over our house moving southwards. They are loud. You can hear them gaggle and cackle from far when they are coming. They every year make a stop on the same field(s) not far away from here. They eat grain left on the ground after the farmers have harvested. On the way back from the supermarket I saw them landing. I told Leif to stop the car because I want to take some pictures. There was a man also shooting. He had a professional camera with a huge lens. I had my small pocket camera. After a few shots the birds, to me, all suddenly, unexpectedly took off. They flew right at me. They were so low that I was able to feel the breeze of the wings. For a second I feared some of them would crash on me so I closed my eyes and pushed the trigger. When I opened my eyes I could see the tail feathers of them. One last click and the whole flock disappeared.

Barnacle Geese  ~ Branta Leucopsis Picture 059_1 Barnacle Geese  ~ Branta Leucopsis Picture 060_1 Barnacle Geese  ~ Branta Leucopsis Picture 064_1 Barnacle Geese  ~ Branta Leucopsis Picture 065_1

Classic Motocross in Hyvinkää

Motocross at Hyvinkää Old motocross Track 25 Aug 2013 Picture 024_1 Motocross at Hyvinkää Old motocross Track 25 Aug 2013 Picture 037C_1 Motocross at Hyvinkää Old motocross Track 25 Aug 2013 Picture 038_1_1 Motocross at Hyvinkää Old motocross Track 25 Aug 2013 Picture 051_1 Motocross at Hyvinkää Old motocross Track 25 Aug 2013 Picture 043_1 Motocross at Hyvinkää Old motocross Track 25 Aug 2013 Picture 045_1 Motocross at Hyvinkää Old motocross Track 25 Aug 2013 Picture 057C_1 Motocross at Hyvinkää Old motocross Track 25 Aug 2013 Picture 048_1

Sunday was an other gorgeous summer day. As was yesterday for that matter. Sunday + 24 C. Yesterday + 26 C. Blue skies. Not a cloud in sight. Okay, back to Sunday. We decided to go to Hyvinkää, some 60 kilometers from our place, where was arranged a motorbike event during the weekend. Off-Road and trial on  Saturday. Scramble/motocross on Sunday. We thought it good to the end the summer at an motocross event as we in the end of May started the summer going to a motocross race.

This time it was not an official race. More of an event for drivers to get to drive together and for everyone interested to spend a nice day watching and getting together.  It was held at the old Hyvinkää track. So different from many tracks I have been to. It was winding up and down in the woods. Sometimes very narrow. No grandstand. Impossible to have an overview over the entire place. It even was a bit difficult to move around in the terrain. Despite all. It was a nice day. The atmosphere, the excitement, the motors roaring, the smell, the dust, the pebbles, the thrill, the skill.

You may think why we, two retired persons, close to the seventies keep going the these kind of events. Thing is our son used to drive motocross for quite many years. Starting when about nine or ten. Hi did not race just driving because he liked it so much.  That is where my interest for the sport comes from. I know my husband has liked it from a very early age and it for long was his dream to have a bike of his own to drive. His dream never became reality. The closest to his dream he came was/is helping our son when driving. He actually took up driving again recently after not driving for so many years.

What a coincidence ! As in the end of May also this time it collided with Formula 1 race. So for that reason we did not stay till the end as I wanted to go home to watch the F1 live. 🙂

Begonia and Lily

Begonia Picture 992_1 Begonia

This is a begonia I have had for some years already. It stayed in the same small pot till around midsummer. At first it looked like it did not appreciate the change from a small pot to a bigger one. I probably should have change to the bigger pot earlier, in the beginning of the spring.  Then, after weeks, there were lots of buds. It’s beautiful now isn’t it.

Strawberry Candy Daylily icture 010_1


The Strawberry Candy Daylily which I bought last summer. This time it has only one stem. I hope there will be more ones next summer.

My gorgeous red/white dahlia still have about sixty to seventy  buds. So both for the sake of the begonia and the dahlia  I hope the summer will continue still for at least one more month for me to enjoy the flowers of them.

Warm August Evening

What a beautiful August Saturday evening. Warm, blue skies, no wind. We took a trip to Helsinki. Down at Café Ursula , where you have wonderful seaside views was, as always, an evening like this, a lot of people.

Sailing ship Picture 965C_1 Sailing ship Picture 968_1

A sailing ship from Åland Islands according to the flag.

Bungee Jumping Picture 978_1

Young men jumping bungee. On the way up.

Bungee Jumping Picture 984_1

Eeeeeeek ! You could hear some of the guys scream. Many jumped without a sound.

Bungee Jumping Picture 976_1

Soon they were back down.

Barnacle Geese Picture 988_1 Barnacle Goose Picture 969C_1

My goodness how many Barnacle Geese there are in “Kaivopuisto ! I think many hundreds. They are  big birds. They eat a lot and what goes in comes out. You really need to watch your step to avoid getting your shoes dirty.

Yes, it was a lovely evening. I’d loved to stay until sunset but my husband. No, no he said. It’s already late. Let’s go home. Hmmm, late at 9 pm !  Home we went.