This Is My Five Hundredth Post

For seven years I have kept up My Little Place. Once in a while I have thought of giving up. On the other side I like to go back to old posts to see what we have been up to. Said all this I guess I will go on as before 🙂

My five hundredth post will be about Smoothies. Making smoothies is new for me. I have had smoothies but for some reason not been interested in making any myself. My brother in law, living in Philippines, have been talking a lot about the wonderful smoothies his wife is making him all the time. I think he even at some point suggested we’d buy a blender. But, you know I’m a stubborn Finn and not wanting to change any of my habits easily.

Last spring his daughter, our niece, visited us. I learned from her both how to make both delicious fruit salads and avocado smoothie. I have made the avocado smoothie many times. Now I’m finally ready to move on to experiment more kinds of smoothies.

Avocado smoothie

Yesterday I bought a blender. I already made water melon – strawberry smoothie which is yummy. Its strawberry season here now.

Watermelon - strawberry smoothie Picture 327_1

Sometime ago I learned about the Kale Salad and Kale Smoothie. Kale is something is not at all familiar to me. Already had been looking for Kale for sometime and was happy to yesterday find it in the supermarket. Inspired by a friend’s picture of her green drink I today made one of my own. I looked up for recipes and found one using kale, cucumber, apple and avocado.

Kale-Avocado-Cucumber-Apple smoothie Picture 343_1

My blender. I wanted a white or black one but there was only red and light blue in the supermarket. Leif says the light blue is a nice color 😉

I just don’t know what to say about my kale-avocado-cucumber-apple smoothie. First of all I made it too thick ! Secondly, the taste. Too strong for me. Probably to much of the kale. Third thing. Leif’s not even going the try it because the smell is very strong. Gosch ! This was not a success. I better stick to fruity smoothies.

2 thoughts on “This Is My Five Hundredth Post

  1. aheikkinen Post author

    thank you, great, I sure will try the chocolate condensed milk in the avocado smoothie.
    lol, the 500 posts took me seven years so i suppose it takes an other seven to reach a thousandth 😉

  2. saxsilverain

    ah, avocado smoothies are gooooooood!!! in my home country we would also put chocolate condensed milk in the avocado smoothie and mix it together, it’s super delicious! you should try it! 😉

    also, congratulations for the five hundredth post!! please keep on posting! 🙂


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