Daily Archives: April 23, 2013

It’s Spring

It was so much spring in the air on Sunday and Monday. Of course there still is some dirty, gray snow spots here and there and the lake is not free from ice.  It was so lovely to be outdoors. Sunshine from a clear blue sky. In fact I already spotted the first Hepatica nobilis Schreb on April 17. It was in the evening so they already were asleep. Yesterday I went to shoot some pictures of them. It was almost too sunny to get really good pictures. Also there was some Anemone nemorosa sticking up their heads from the ground. No pictures of them. I’m waiting for them to be in full bloom. On the way back from the shopping center I saw a bright yellow butterfly, a Gonepteryx rhamn Brimstone.

Hepatica nobilis Schreb. IMG_3625_2 Hepatica nobilis Schreb.Yes, it’s definitely spring when you see these Hepatica nobilis Schreb in bloom.

Today the weather made a total turn from warm and sunny to windy, cold and rainy. Well, it’s okay as it makes the nature good. Cleans the street, melts the snow and all the plants need it.