Quam and Quismo

Quam and Quismo

In the morning yesterday I was at my computer, as every morning, headset on listening to music, checking e-mails, Facebook, blog (s), news headlines etc,  when I heard Leif calling from the kitchen. Come take a pic of the cats.  At first I said no I will not but he insisted. Okay then. Oh, there both my boys were sitting close to each other using the heat from the dishwasher to warm their butts awaiting to have their morning meal.

As we, April 1, switched to summer time/daylight saving time I definitely think it’s spring so I turned off the electric warming system. Yes, I do admit Is was a bit chilly. Only fifteen degrees Celsius in the morning. Till the outdoor temperature, in one or two weeks, will be warm enough , I’m sure we will manage well by only using the fireplace.

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