Daily Archives: March 28, 2013

Five Removed Teeth

As I mentioned in my posting of March 1 the veterinarian recommended us to take Quismo to a dental specialist.

Quismo Picture 349_1We took him there yesterday at 7:45 am. He stayed there till 6:30 pm. Unfortunately he had five bad teeth that all needed to be removed. I feel so bad to not been able to understand the situation. It must have been very painful for already quite a long time.

I worried about when and how he would be able to eat after the procedure. The vet said he probably wants to have something to eat as soon as we come home. She was right. Quismo was very hungry and had tuna for cats. For the next two weeks he’s on a softer diet. He loves dry food and is loudly meowing for it each time I am in the kitchen.

He is on pain medicine for three to five days. That he takes without any protest. But, the mouth wash, the “hyvänmakuinen suuvesi” he let me know is not hyvänmakuinen.

The instructions for the future says. Daily cleaning, brushing required. I guess I have to buy three brushes one for each Quam, Quismo and Canelo.

Canelo’s teeth also need checking. I’d love to take him right the way but we have to, for some time, recover from the recent costs.