Daily Archives: March 6, 2013

Formula One 2013

The Formula 1 season starts in about two weeks. I’m a huge F1 fan. I have been for many, many years. I miss the good old times when we were able to watch it direct without paying any extra. It was included in the fee we paid for the TV license.

I was so disappointed back then when it became payable. I was convinced I would never pay to watch it. A matter of principle. When the first payable season began I soon found out how much I missed watching it live. It was not the same at all to watch a short summary. I swallowed my bitterness and pride and paid, in fact, a reasonable price for the entire season.

For some years the price has been about the same. Last year it was 45 euro. Today I decided to sign up for ‘watching’ season 2013. Lo and behold ! 68 euros! An increase of 23 € ! An about 50% increase.

I have, so much, been looking forward to this season of Formula 1 Grand Prix to begin. Right now I don’t know what I’m going to do. Okay, I understand, business is business. The season is from the mid of March to the end of November. All together twenty races plus the practices and qualifying. I usually watch the qualifying and the race. Which now makes 1.70 € / weekend against last year’s 1.20 / weekend.

Some may think why the fuss about such small amounts. Well, principle and money does not grow on trees. Who knows, maybe when I have calmed down a bit I’m willing to pay the price.

When I win either Eurojackpot or lotto I will buy a ticket to one of the European races