Daily Archives: March 4, 2013

Arnold, Arnold . . .

Arnold, Arnold the people chanted when he won his first Mr. Universe title in London in 1967. Yes, I finished reading the book ‘Total Recall’ by Arnold Schwarzenegger last night. Just in time to take it back to the library as I, today, received an e-mail to remind me it’s due for returning in two days.

A thick book of about 600 pages and a wight of 885 grams. The weight made it difficult to read in bed which I always do. Couple of times I fell asleep with the book in my hand(s) and it fell on my chest. A brutal way to wake up. Even if I don’t know very much about bodybuilding or maybe don’t like some of the films the book still is fun, entertaining and interesting reading.

While reading I recalled that I once, many years ago, actually went to watch a bodybuilding competition. I remember that when the crowd got excited and chanted for one of the guys to win I too got very excited and joined the chanting.

The first chapter is about his childhood living in a small village not far from Graz in Austria. Later he went to school and to a gym in Graz. It made me thinking of my visit to Graz some years ago. It was in the spring around Easter. I can’t remember whether it was in end March or the beginning of April. It was still cold and snow here when I left. In Graz it was spring. Very warm. People wearing shorts. The trees already had green leaves. Lots of yellow bushes in bloom as well as other flowers.  A beautiful, picturesque town.  The view up “the Scholssberg’ was stunning. Such a wonderful time.

I totally had forgotten Mr. Schwarzenegger has visited Finland. Yes he has. In 1976 he was at Stockmann’s department store marketing vitamins and years later at the opening of Planet Hollywood. Well, after all it’s not that surprising as he has traveled all around the world countless times.

I read some book reviews on the net. Many likes the book many don’t. The whole truth or not. Well, I’m not naïve to think he’s told it all. I just liked it anyway and think it is an exciting life story. From a bodybuilder to a film star to a governor. Incredible.