Daily Archives: March 1, 2013

@ the vet with Quam & Quimso

Last Monday, 25 Feb, we were at the vet with Quam and Quismo. It was time for their vaccination. The vet also checked eyes, ears, teeth etc. Eyes and ears were fine but she said they both really must have their teeth cleaned from plaque. We already were about to leave when I, luckily, remembered to mention about Quam’s left hand claw. You know the shortest finger. She had a look at it. It was worse than I knew. The vet said it needs a surgical procedure to have it fixed. The claw had grown too long, turned to grow into the skin and out on the other side. Also there was an inflammation. Oh no ! My poor Quam ! I had no idea it was that bad. He was given prescriptions for pain medication and antibiotics.

Yesterday we took both cats there. Quam for both cleaning of the teeth and the claw operation. Quismo for teeth cleaning. They were sedated  for the procedure and stayed there for about four hours. Quam’s teeth are okay but the vet recommended us to take Quismo to a specialist for a X-ray. She thinks he has a more serious problem than just plaque. We are going to take him to the specialist but I truly hope the vet is wrong and they are not going to find any other problem than the plaque.

Quam IMG_3477_1

Quam looking out the window after I cleaned and changed the sterile pads this morning and wrapped his paw into a nice looking parcel. He does not like it at all. It makes it difficult for him to move.

Cat claws IMG_1A sketch of the operated nail. (heh-heh, not good at drawing )

Next week we are going to take Quam to the vet for a re-check. I hope his paw by then is healed and that he does not need any medication anymore.  Everything is so expensive. I’m glad we have an insurance. It does not cover all but at least we can have some of the costs back.