Shrove buns

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I baked shrove buns yesterday. Those you buy have a filling of either marzipan and whipped cream or berry jam and whipped cream. I filled  with all three, marzipan, berry jam and whipped cream.

Some may think I have forgotten I am on the weight losing project. Sigh, no I have not. I know I should not have had neither the Runeberg’s tart nor the shrove bun.  Despite having them, I still believe I am going to reach my goal, losing 10% wight, by the end of March.

2 thoughts on “Shrove buns

  1. saxsilverain

    eeeeep, laskiaispulla is my favourite bun of all times! <33 the berry jam one is just heaven. the ones you make look sooooo good! (i can't bake, at all! snick… the ones in the supermarkets or cafes are of course so expensive.)

    maybe next time you can send them to me so you can still have fun baking and stick to your weight losing project at the same time. 😉


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