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Michael Grimm

Michael Grimm_1

Michael Grimm the winner of America’s Got Talent season five in 2010.

I have wanted this CD already for months. On Feb 8 I ordered it on CDON.COM. Today it arrived.

I’m happy and pleased. Now I’m able to listen to him also in the car.

I hope he will come to Finland and I’ll be able to see and hear him live ūüôā

My Canon PowerShot SX230 HS

For many weeks the lens cover stuck when I turned the camera off. After turning it on and off for several times it eventually close. Well until last Monday when it finally stuck into a half open/close position. I took some pictures but was not happy to find out the corners to left up as well as the corner down to the right of the picture were black.


vegetable lasagna IMG_3449_1     vegetable lasagna IMG_3450_2

vegetable lasagna IMG_3459_1     vegetable lasagna IMG_3461_1

Vegetable lasagne

Winter Feb 2013 IMG_3453_1 IMG_3457_1

Winter Feb 2013

I really was disappointed and thought I, once again, would have to buy a new camera. Then I recalled it was either in the end of February or the beginning of March last year that I bought it. I looked for the receipt and found it. Yes, I bought it on March 7.

I called a camera service company. I told them I have this Canon ShowerPot camera. Ooops sorry I mean PowerShot. I was soooo embarrassed but at the same time funny. Hah-hah-hah-haaa ūüėÄ Leif loves it. From now on it is, to him, ShowerPot.

Today I went to pick up my camera. The lens cover is fixed. Best of all, the repair was free of charge. Good it broke now and not three weeks later when I probably would have had to pay for the repair.

Thumbs up it will now last for many more years.

Shrove buns

Fastlagsbullar IMG_3436_1

Fastlagsbulle IMG_3439_1

I baked shrove buns yesterday. Those you buy have a filling of either marzipan and whipped cream or berry jam and whipped cream. I filled  with all three, marzipan, berry jam and whipped cream.

Some may think I have forgotten I am on the weight losing project. Sigh, no I have not. I know I should not have had neither the Runeberg’s tart nor the shrove bun. ¬†Despite having them, I still believe I am going to reach my goal, losing 10% wight, by the end of March.