Daily Archives: January 25, 2013

Quam 10 Years Today

Happy Birthday Quam !

I wanted to shoot some pictures of Quam today on his 10th birthday. I was waiting for enough of daylight not to have to use the flash. But by then Quam already was napping.

Quam IMG_3343_1

Quam honey. Wake up !

Quam IMG_3345_1

What ?

Honey, it’s your birthday. I want to shoot some birthday pictures.

Later. Can’t you see I’m on a power nap.

Yes, I know it’s the time of the day you always taking a nap. But please, please, please just a few pics. You know I waited till strong enough daylight because I know how much you hate me using the flash.

Okay then. Make it fast.

Yeaaah, thanks dear.

Quam IMG_3360_1

Sweetie, I’d love to have some pictures of you sitting up as well. So far, in all the pictures, you are laying down.

Naaee, sorry just too tired for that.

Look here, here’s the mouse you got for Christmas. Smells gooood. Doesn’t it ?

Nope, does not. Canelo has chewed and drooled on it so it smells awfully. 

Quam IMG_3375_1

Now, no more pictures, thank you ! I will go on napping.

Alright, I think I got a few  ones, good enough, to upload on my blog. Thank you very much. Sleep well. Nice dreams.