The Weight Loss

Today when I was checking the Iltasanomat (a Finnish paper) headings. One title caught my curiosity.

“Could this be the most incomprehensible diet?” 

Kelly Osbourne sharing her tips and advice on dieting.

I clicked to read. No way! She used a rubber band diet method! I laughed.It sounded like a joke. Too funny and too silly to be true. After finishing the story I looked for more information on the internet.

It’s not a joke. There are so many writings on the subject so I better believe the method works.

The thing is you wear a rubber band to your wrist. Make sure it’s not too small to cut the blood circulation. When the cravings set in snap the rubber band hard against your wrist. Yup, it’s meant to hurt. I now actually believe the method works. I don’t know if it’s a fact that Kelly Osbourne did use a rubber band or not. I was unable to find any writings about it. Anyway, she has succeeded amazingly well in losing so much weight. Congrats Miss Osbourne!

I told Leif about the method. He said one word. Humbug! Humbug or not guess what ? Yes, I’m wearing a rubber band 😀 For how long I don’t know.

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