My Weight Loss Project began 2.1.2013

I was at the health center in the beginning of December to renew my prescription for the blood pressure. As last time, one year ago, they recommended to lose some weight. They reminded me about the benefits of losing weight. Even a 10 per cent weight loss is good for the health/blood pressure. Of course they are right. So I’m going to do it. I hope I will make it in three months.

I do know all the benefits of losing weight. I also know all about how to lose weight. I have tried all the different diets. I watch all the weight losing programs there are on TV. I have attended the Weight Watchers three times. Each time I reached my goal, normal weight for my height. What I have not yet to figured out is WHY I let the weight come back! Okay, of course I know why. The reasons are so obvious I don’t even bother commenting them.

I need and want a kick start. The cabbage soup diet is a good way to get going. Tomorrow I will buy all the ingredients for the, in my opinion, super delicious tasty soup. Guess who hates the smell of it. Yup it’s my husband Leif. Sorry honey, you don’t have to eat it but you have to stand it.

Supersize vs Superskinny

You know the British TV program about one over weight person and one underweight person swapping diets in order to under supervising learn how to eat in a healthy way. Every time I watch the program I come to think of us, me and my husband.  I have this eating disorder and am the supersize. He is the superskinny but luckily without an eating disorder. He is able to eat anything and as much as he want to. He still is the same weight he was when we met in 1966. It’s unfair.

L o A_1

I’m not a good drawer 🙂

I hope for the best. I hope I will make the 10 %. If not, it’s not the end of the world. I think the chances to make it is, to quote a famous Finnish ski jumper, the odds are fifty/sixty.

Week one is behind. The cabbage soup was yummy. Leif is happy there is no more of it for now.

2 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Project began 2.1.2013

  1. saxsilverain

    good luck with the weight loss project! i’m sure you can do it (again) this year, and who knows, you might be able to make it stay that way now. and btw, i LOVE your drawing! 🙂


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