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Quam 10 Years Today

Happy Birthday Quam !

I wanted to shoot some pictures of Quam today on his 10th birthday. I was waiting for enough of daylight not to have to use the flash. But by then Quam already was napping.

Quam IMG_3343_1

Quam honey. Wake up !

Quam IMG_3345_1

What ?

Honey, it’s your birthday. I want to shoot some birthday pictures.

Later. Can’t you see I’m on a power nap.

Yes, I know it’s the time of the day you always taking a nap. But please, please, please just a few pics. You know I waited till strong enough daylight because I know how much you hate me using the flash.

Okay then. Make it fast.

Yeaaah, thanks dear.

Quam IMG_3360_1

Sweetie, I’d love to have some pictures of you sitting up as well. So far, in all the pictures, you are laying down.

Naaee, sorry just too tired for that.

Look here, here’s the mouse you got for Christmas. Smells gooood. Doesn’t it ?

Nope, does not. Canelo has chewed and drooled on it so it smells awfully. 

Quam IMG_3375_1

Now, no more pictures, thank you ! I will go on napping.

Alright, I think I got a few  ones, good enough, to upload on my blog. Thank you very much. Sleep well. Nice dreams.


The Weight Loss

Today when I was checking the Iltasanomat (a Finnish paper) headings. One title caught my curiosity.

“Could this be the most incomprehensible diet?” 

Kelly Osbourne sharing her tips and advice on dieting.

I clicked to read. No way! She used a rubber band diet method! I laughed.It sounded like a joke. Too funny and too silly to be true. After finishing the story I looked for more information on the internet.

It’s not a joke. There are so many writings on the subject so I better believe the method works.

The thing is you wear a rubber band to your wrist. Make sure it’s not too small to cut the blood circulation. When the cravings set in snap the rubber band hard against your wrist. Yup, it’s meant to hurt. I now actually believe the method works. I don’t know if it’s a fact that Kelly Osbourne did use a rubber band or not. I was unable to find any writings about it. Anyway, she has succeeded amazingly well in losing so much weight. Congrats Miss Osbourne!

I told Leif about the method. He said one word. Humbug! Humbug or not guess what ? Yes, I’m wearing a rubber band 😀 For how long I don’t know.

Old Habits Die Hard

Gosh ! I had forgotten I, in my first post of this year, complained about my bad English and decided to in the future only write in my mother tongue Swedish.

Right after posting “the wight loss project” I realized I had been hit by one of those senior moments  of mental glitches 😀 Well, you know old habits die hard. I guess I better stick to the habit in writing in English even if my English is not the best possible.


My Weight Loss Project began 2.1.2013

I was at the health center in the beginning of December to renew my prescription for the blood pressure. As last time, one year ago, they recommended to lose some weight. They reminded me about the benefits of losing weight. Even a 10 per cent weight loss is good for the health/blood pressure. Of course they are right. So I’m going to do it. I hope I will make it in three months.

I do know all the benefits of losing weight. I also know all about how to lose weight. I have tried all the different diets. I watch all the weight losing programs there are on TV. I have attended the Weight Watchers three times. Each time I reached my goal, normal weight for my height. What I have not yet to figured out is WHY I let the weight come back! Okay, of course I know why. The reasons are so obvious I don’t even bother commenting them.

I need and want a kick start. The cabbage soup diet is a good way to get going. Tomorrow I will buy all the ingredients for the, in my opinion, super delicious tasty soup. Guess who hates the smell of it. Yup it’s my husband Leif. Sorry honey, you don’t have to eat it but you have to stand it.

Supersize vs Superskinny

You know the British TV program about one over weight person and one underweight person swapping diets in order to under supervising learn how to eat in a healthy way. Every time I watch the program I come to think of us, me and my husband.  I have this eating disorder and am the supersize. He is the superskinny but luckily without an eating disorder. He is able to eat anything and as much as he want to. He still is the same weight he was when we met in 1966. It’s unfair.

L o A_1

I’m not a good drawer 🙂

I hope for the best. I hope I will make the 10 %. If not, it’s not the end of the world. I think the chances to make it is, to quote a famous Finnish ski jumper, the odds are fifty/sixty.

Week one is behind. The cabbage soup was yummy. Leif is happy there is no more of it for now.

Tuesday 1 January 2013 ~ New Year’s Day

New Year 2013

I hope you all had a nice New Year’s Eve and that the Year 2013 will bring happiness, health, new opportunities and experiences for everyone.

New Year’s Eve, here, was gray and rainy. It’s the same today. Yesterday I mostly was watching TV all day and evening.

I was watching a 2 h documentary about the dancers of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. The documentary was made in 2005. It was nice to hear the dancers tell their stories and to see the old photos and films from the early times when the group started in 1938. The work was very tough and very had.

Then there was the Queen’s 60th Diamond Jubilee Concert which was in beginning of June 2012. I had not seen it before so it kind of was a ‘must’. The concert lasted for 3 h 20 min.  It was a huge event! It sure was a great program, great artists both classical singers as well as pop singers.

I think I was watching TV for 8 – 9 h yesterday. It was hard on my back and eyes !

* * * * *

Så är vi då inne på den första dagen av det nya året 2013. Hoppas det bringar mycken lycka, hälsa, nya möjligheter och nya spännande upplevelser till alla.

I går var det grådaskigt och duggregn hela dagen. Men som, sonen, sade när han kom hem; bättre det än 30 graders kyla. Ja visst, i lite duggregn går det ju bra att skjuta nyårsraketer. Här skjöts det som aldrig förr. Tycktes det som i alla fall. Dom mest entusiastiska började redan vid tillåtna kl. 18. Så Canelo ville inte gå kvällslänken mer än så han hann lyfta på benet några gånger. När klockan närmade sig tolvslaget så togs det till dom hårda smällarna. Då hoppade till och jag till av oljudet. Verkade som om alla samlats utanför vårt fönster med sina miljoner raketer. Heh-heh ! Canelo låg under skrivbordet och morrade av och till. Kattorna tog det med lugn. Dom sov J

I går tittade jag på TV i ca 8 -9 timmar ! Det var ju som hel arbetsdag. Det började kännas trä att sitta och ögonen blev trötta av allt stirrande.

Men det var många intressanta program i går. Bl.a. tittade jag på ett 2 timmars program som hette Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. Jag gillade det. Det var trevligt att höra dansarna berätta om sina liv samt att se foton och filmstumpar från den tiden det hela började.

Sedan sändes drottningens 60-års Jubileums konsert.  Det var ju ett ’måste’ att titta. Vilket gigantiskt evenemang. Många fina artister. Jo det var fint.

Under årenas lopp har jag begrundat huruvida att fortsätta blogga eller inte. Jag har ju inga märkligheter att komma utan mest ditt och datt samt lite foton. Jag är ju tyvärr inte heller en god skribent och tyvärr märker jag hur dålig min engelska har varit och hur mycket sämre den blivit och hur mycket svårare jag har att uttrycka mig på engelska. Det lättaste, enklaste och bästa är att jag håller mig till mitt modersmål, svenska.