Sphynx Cat and Corn Snake

Sphynx IMG_3281_1

A week ago or so our son told us one of his friends now have a new family member. A cat, a one and  a half year old Sphynx/Sphinx. Today I had the opportunity to meet her. Such an adorable, lovely cat. Her skin was so soft and warm and smooth.

Snake IMG_3284_1

What I didn’t know was that he also has two snakes. This one I think he said is a corn snake. The other one I already forgot what kind of snake ha said it is.

I do have a fear for snakes. If there is a program on TV about snakes I switch to an other channel. I find them scary and creepy. They make me shiver with discomfort. In the spring when our niece visited us we all went to the zoo. She was so excited to see the snakes. Patti, you would have loved to get to hold these snakes in you hands 🙂

When Pepi took the snake out from the terrarium to show me I wanted to tell him not to. I’m happy I didn’t and happy I was able to touch it. Yes, wow, I touched a snake !  I don’t think I’m going to learn to love snakes no matter how beautiful they are in color and patterns.

Thank you Pepi for showing me your pets 🙂

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