Christmas Tree

Back to having a Christmas tree. A real one.

Three Christmases ago we decided we would not buy a tree for Christmas anymore. Okay truth is I decided. I had had enough of all the needles there always was all over the house, even in the food and in the beds. Leif was not happy about the decision but he gave in after I told him a small plastic tree, to put on a table, would be okay. Off he went to buy a small one. Oops, I should have told him how small or how a big one to buy. When I saw what he had bought I couldn’t believe my eyes. Such a tiny one ! For three years only Christmas tree we have had is this very small, fifty centimeter high, plastic tree.

Christmas IMG_3244_1

On Tuesday or Wednesday the doorbell rang. There was our, always kind and helpful, neighbor Sari with a Christmas tree. Our son has worked in the same company for one and a half-year. He had already left so Sari brought his “gift” tree on her way home from work. Thank you Sari. So sweet of you.

Christmas tree IMG_3263_1

Quam IMG_3237_1Quam was on the couch following my doings with great interest all the time I “decorated” the tree. When I had finished he jumped down from the couch and went to lay down under tree to sleep.

I do admit a real tree makes a difference. It smells so good. It smells like . . . like Christmas 🙂 Who knows, maybe we also next year are going to have a Christmas tree.

Happy Holidays everyone !

2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree

  1. saxsilverain

    i think we have the exact same plastic tree as the one you had for 3 years. 😀 we’ve been using it now for 6 years, LOL… (we’re both lazy, so we don’t mind the plastic one, the smaller the better!) after all, we don’t spend the Christmas eve & day at home, so it really doesn’t matter that much to us.

    but am happy to hear you got a real Christmas tree & got into the spirit of Christmas! happy holidays to you (again)!


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