Daily Archives: December 13, 2012

”Mini Cruise” to Tallinn 12.12.12

We were on a mini cruise to Tallinn yesterday.  We went by the ferry Viking Xprs from Helsinki at 11:30 am.  Capacity 2.500 passengers. I really believe there was that many as it was crowded.

Thank God the weather was good. Anyway had it been a snowstorm I would have stayed at home.  The day was cloudy and dark but, yes, fortunately the sea was calm.

Viking Xprs IMG_3187_1

We arrived at 2 pm. After waiting for the free Viking Xprs bus, that never came, we walked  to the old town as I wanted to experience the ‘Jouluturg’ the Christmas Market at the Old Town Square.  It was very nice and beautiful. I liked it.

Tallin Old Town Market Square IMG_3196_1 IMG_3199_1

Soon we had to return to the ferry for the departure at 6 pm.  We were hungry and looking forward to have the Christmas buffet. It was sooo delicious. Just check the menu


At home at about 9.45 pm. Son, cats and Canelo were happy to have as back. Canelo of course was absolutely overjoyed.