Winter in 24 hours

Last night it began snowing. There was not much yet when I returned from my evening walk with Canelo. Later the snow fall increased to a snowstorm. I woke about thee to four times during the night and every time I looked out the window it was snowing more and more. The wind blowing harder and harder. I read the wind around the coast line was about 23-26 m/s. Here a little less windy maybe about 17 m/s. Well neither of us were able to sleep well.  Both of us worried about how much snow we would have to shovel early in the morning to be able to take the car to the service at 8:00 am.

Luckily the snow is very light at the moment and we managed to get our way to the road 🙂 Leif was in time at the car service garage. Then he took the bus to down town Helsinki for a meeting. Usually it is an about 30-35 minute drive. Leif called to tell me it took about 1 h 10 minutes !

The snow fall is still heavy and the wind is hard. Probably will continue for the next 24 h. Looks like it’s going to be a white Christmas or what 🙂

P:S. I’m so happy I was not on a ferry either to Sweden or Estonia as read in the paper the wind really has been hard on the sea. Most ferries are hours late, up to 6 hours. I hope it will be nice weather on the 12th of December when I am going to Tallinn with Leif and a group of other pensioners. Well, I’m only going if there is no storm.

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