Daily Archives: November 24, 2012

Have A Great 36th Birthday Son !

Time flies. I keep saying the same thing every year when it is our son’s birthday 🙂 In the morning I asked him is there anything special you would like to have to eat today. Yes he said. Big Carolina meal. Big Carolina at Carrols used to be his favorite burger. For, I don’t know how long it’s not been available but now it’s back. This time at Hesburger. We said we’d stop at Hesburger on the way back from the supermarket.

While Leif was buying the burgers I took Canelo out from the car to let him do what he had to do. I saw this bird eating berries and picked up my pocket camera to take some pictures. I was able to shoot a few pictures before he flew away. I turned to walk back to the car and saw him bathing in a puddle. He was splashing a lot.
 Yep hurray, here comes Leif. 

Yummy 🙂For the dessert, homemade ‘kinuskikaka’ caramel cake.

Happy Birthday Son !