Daily Archives: November 3, 2012

Halloween cake

Some days ago I was surfing the internet for something to bake for Halloween. A cake or cookies. There are so many wonderful pictures of yummy looking cakes and cookies I really had difficulties in choosing which one I’d try to make. I chose one I found using the searching words halloween kakku. I fell for the colors. Orange and black with a white web and a black&white spider. Here’s the link to the page where I found the cake and recipe.


I bought the marzipan yesterday when we were in the supermarket shopping for the weekend. The recipe says as there’s no orange marzipan you either need to mix red and yellow or use orange pasta color. There was no red marzipan left neither was I able to find any orange pasta/food color.

Instead of the black liquorice/caramel sauce topping I decided to use black marzipan. Just because I’m lazy. I was about to begin to decorate when my husband came back from walking Canelo and from visiting the cemetery where he took candles to light on graves of near and dear ones.

My goodness, he is always hungry ! First words when he opened the door was of course is the food ready ? Nope, I said. I’m decorating the cake now. I want to finish it now when I have everything I need on the table. I’m starving he said. Hurry, hurry.

I did my best. I hurried. I made the food. I decorated the cake. I took a couple of pictures. They turned out bad. I’m far from happy with the result of the decoration. Unfortunately it isn’t even close as good as the masterpiece which inspired me. I know I could have done much better. We had the cake for dessert. Everyone assured me it was delicious. I said I still had wanted to make a spider but Leif said the cake was just fine.

Happy Halloween !