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Winter in 24 hours

Last night it began snowing. There was not much yet when I returned from my evening walk with Canelo. Later the snow fall increased to a snowstorm. I woke about thee to four times during the night and every time I looked out the window it was snowing more and more. The wind blowing harder and harder. I read the wind around the coast line was about 23-26 m/s. Here a little less windy maybe about 17 m/s. Well neither of us were able to sleep well.  Both of us worried about how much snow we would have to shovel early in the morning to be able to take the car to the service at 8:00 am.

Luckily the snow is very light at the moment and we managed to get our way to the road 🙂 Leif was in time at the car service garage. Then he took the bus to down town Helsinki for a meeting. Usually it is an about 30-35 minute drive. Leif called to tell me it took about 1 h 10 minutes !

The snow fall is still heavy and the wind is hard. Probably will continue for the next 24 h. Looks like it’s going to be a white Christmas or what 🙂

P:S. I’m so happy I was not on a ferry either to Sweden or Estonia as read in the paper the wind really has been hard on the sea. Most ferries are hours late, up to 6 hours. I hope it will be nice weather on the 12th of December when I am going to Tallinn with Leif and a group of other pensioners. Well, I’m only going if there is no storm.

Have A Great 36th Birthday Son !

Time flies. I keep saying the same thing every year when it is our son’s birthday 🙂 In the morning I asked him is there anything special you would like to have to eat today. Yes he said. Big Carolina meal. Big Carolina at Carrols used to be his favorite burger. For, I don’t know how long it’s not been available but now it’s back. This time at Hesburger. We said we’d stop at Hesburger on the way back from the supermarket.

While Leif was buying the burgers I took Canelo out from the car to let him do what he had to do. I saw this bird eating berries and picked up my pocket camera to take some pictures. I was able to shoot a few pictures before he flew away. I turned to walk back to the car and saw him bathing in a puddle. He was splashing a lot.
 Yep hurray, here comes Leif. 

Yummy 🙂For the dessert, homemade ‘kinuskikaka’ caramel cake.

Happy Birthday Son !


Local Volunteer Fire Department

Just imagine me returning from the evening walk with Canelo to find the fire department on the road just outside our gate ! This is how it looked when I came back.

I’m so glad my husband called to tell me everything is OK it’s just the local volunteer fire department practicing right in front of our house.

Good thing my husband knows me so well. He knew I probably would have had a heart attack seeing the blue lights flashing and about six to eight firefighters.

All you guys in the local volunteer fire department are doing a great job. Luckily there are not many fires or accidents around here. But when there is one they are on the spot in no time.

Halloween cake

Some days ago I was surfing the internet for something to bake for Halloween. A cake or cookies. There are so many wonderful pictures of yummy looking cakes and cookies I really had difficulties in choosing which one I’d try to make. I chose one I found using the searching words halloween kakku. I fell for the colors. Orange and black with a white web and a black&white spider. Here’s the link to the page where I found the cake and recipe.

I bought the marzipan yesterday when we were in the supermarket shopping for the weekend. The recipe says as there’s no orange marzipan you either need to mix red and yellow or use orange pasta color. There was no red marzipan left neither was I able to find any orange pasta/food color.

Instead of the black liquorice/caramel sauce topping I decided to use black marzipan. Just because I’m lazy. I was about to begin to decorate when my husband came back from walking Canelo and from visiting the cemetery where he took candles to light on graves of near and dear ones.

My goodness, he is always hungry ! First words when he opened the door was of course is the food ready ? Nope, I said. I’m decorating the cake now. I want to finish it now when I have everything I need on the table. I’m starving he said. Hurry, hurry.

I did my best. I hurried. I made the food. I decorated the cake. I took a couple of pictures. They turned out bad. I’m far from happy with the result of the decoration. Unfortunately it isn’t even close as good as the masterpiece which inspired me. I know I could have done much better. We had the cake for dessert. Everyone assured me it was delicious. I said I still had wanted to make a spider but Leif said the cake was just fine.

Happy Halloween !