Flu season

Yes it is the time of the year when the flu viruses love running around and competing in hitting as many as possible down with it.

My son was down with a terrible flu about three weeks ago. So I really was not very surprised when I about ten days ago, got my first symptoms.

It all began with a sore throat. It was hard swallowing. Two days later it was time for the sneezing and runny, stuffy nose. By the way, there’s an ad on TV I really dislike. A man is sitting in his office, the room is filled up with used paper tissues. An other version of the ad is the same man sitting in his car which of course is filled with used paper tissues. I find the ad distasteful. The ad’s for Otrivin Nasal Spray. The Otrivin is a very good medication. I use it often and have used it for years. The reason I don’t like the ad is because of the used tissues. Am I strange ? Is that abnormal ? Now I was kind of in the same situation. I had to use hundreds and hundreds and again hundreds of tissues. Every time I had to blow my nose I had the vision of the ad on my mind. I almost was able to feel myself trapped in a room filled with used tissues. Ugh ! Then there was still the coughing ! I was quite sure I would have my ribs cracked. It was hard. It was tiring.

Now, thank goodness, I feel good. I feel the energy coming back. I’m so glad it’s over 🙂 I sincerely hope you people will be lucky not to get the flu.

2 thoughts on “Flu season

  1. aheikkinen Post author

    LOL, I know you are right about that the ad deliberately is made that way . . . to stick to people’s minds 🙂 Good thing is that one doesn’t have to watch them 😀 One click on your remote and puff . . . it’s gone 😉
    I wish you good health and that the flus stay away.

  2. saxsilverain

    oh, sorry to hear that! but good to know it’s passing now. the last flu i got was around March this year, and it was so terrible & annoying (for me it was the running nose that made it so hard). i’ve been extra careful lately not to catch any, hope it’ll last until winter is over! 😀

    about the ad, i think i know which one you meant. i think whoever made the ad deliberately wanted to show something disgusting so that no one would want to be in that kind of situation (i used to study advertising in university, LOL). it’s that kind of ad that will stick to people’s minds, that will eventually make them remember the product/brand as well. 😉 but anyway, you are normal to dislike it. i also won’t want the used tissues to be lying around in my house, and so when i have flu, i usually would keep a small plastic bag near my bed, where i would throw in all my used tissues (before finally throwing the whole plastic bag to the trash can, of course). keeping the used tissues in the small closed plastic bag also usually (and hopefully) helps so that my husband won’t catch my flu that easily. but then again, maybe i’m the one who’s strange. 😀


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