Virginia Creeper

Yesterday was a very gray and drizzly day. This fiery red Virginia creeper at the Lady Line gym entrance really cheered me up and made me smile.


It’s unbelievable how high up this plant can climb. I’ve seen it on six to seven story tall buildings. According to Wikipedia, it can climb as high as 30 m.

4 thoughts on “Virginia Creeper

  1. saxsilverain

    oh my goodness. i’m soon going to have a nightmare after seeing the pics. :-s (i have a slight phobia with plants… especially the kind that grows like this, on walls, to all kinds of directions.)

    i’m glad it cheered up your day though, i do love the colour too. 🙂 it’s that time for the last bit of colours before the depressing winter starts!

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Oh no, I hope you was not having a nightmare. I feel the same about plants on walls as you do. Well, they are okay as long as they are not on my walls. The Virginia Crepper reminds me of the novel “The Day of the Triffids”, where plants called Triffids grow huge, they become aggressive, they break into buildings. Creepy . . .

      Yes, it indeed was the color of the plant on that gray, rainy day that caught my attention.

      Have a great weekend 🙂


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