Daily Archives: October 4, 2012

New Litter Box

Finally, at last ! New hooded litter box ūüôā¬†We bought it on Monday.

Both of our cats, Quam and Quismo, were very curious about what was going on when I took the old litter trays out and the new one in. I can tell the cats, at first, were not overjoyed about the new box at all. I don’t know what the problem was.¬†Only thing I can think of is it’s dark inside ! I took the flip door off to let them get used to the box.

It is a very large box with enough of room to turn around. So far Quam let Quismo do his business there in privacy but when Quam goes in Quismo goes in too. Poor Quam. He does not want the company in there.

The cats are by now feeling much more confident so¬†I put the flip door back. I’m happy. Now they are not able to throw the litter out from there.¬†I wish I had bought one already long ago.

There’s one small thing I noticed, which I read about in the customer reviews as well, I’m not the only one with one of the clips that holds the lid on comes off every time i empty it.