Daily Archives: September 28, 2012

Leaking roof repair

Knock knock knocking on wood. It looks like my dear husband’s been able to fix the leaking roof problem.

The leaking roof really worried me. I was thinking of it constantly. In the morning on Tuesday I told Leif maybe the main problem after all is the hatch despite the fact that we had the hatch changed for a new one in the spring. Leif agreed the hatch might be the root to the problem. Even though the handy man had inspected it in the spring and said it was okay but still, who knows.

Yes, I said, I’m going to call for a handy man right the way. Leif said please, just don’t yet, let me go up there and see what I can do. I actually forbid him to go up on the roof because of his bad hip and leg.  Oh, I should have known better than believing he wouldn’t climb the ladders and go up on the roof. Well, he’s my mule stubborn hubby.

I was watching the Young and Restless when I heard him stepping around up there. I run out to tell him he should not be there. He said it’s alright, no problem, the roof is dry. Okay it’s not that high a roof nor steep so, as he already was there, I let him stay there without any further arguing.

After a while he came down. He said he’s now taped the hatch using waterproof isolation tape. He too now was quite certain that, even if he wasn’t able to see any damage on or around the hatch that the roots to the problem lay there.

Last night it was raining. Really was raining a lot for hours. I woke from time to time to listen if there was any drip dropping. Good. No dripping sound. First thing in the morning we both went to inspect the seams in the ceiling. They were dry. Oh my goodness. It looks like my stubborn husband was able to fix it. At least, a temporary fix. Good job. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that there will be no more leaks and no more needs for new postings in this matter. In the spring we will have a new and better look into the thing.