The Cataract Surgery

Well, I had the cataract surgery done today. I felt very calm going there but when the other women all were asking for some sort of tranquilizer/sedative I suddenly felt pretty nervous too and asked for it. I’m glad I asked otherwise I might have panicked in the middle of the procedure. My right eye now looks like someone hit me. It’s swollen and the white of the eye is red. All other patients’ eyes looked normal. You could not even see that they had an operation. Both the surgeon and the nurse said my eye will be okay soon, in a couple of days. Also the blurry vision is going to be clear in a day or two. The eye have to be treated for three weeks with two different kind of eye drops four times a day. I’m so happy it’s over and done. I know my left eye also need an operation but that’s in the future. I don’t even want to think about it now.

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