After all, no apple marmalade candies

Yesterday I looked out the window and saw there were so many more apples to pick from under the tree. I thought what else can I make of them than pies and jam. Then I found a book I really had forgot we have. I browsed through it. There, the picture of the apple marmalade candies was the answer to what to make . Yes, apple marmalade candies.  Marmalade is Leif’s favorite sweets. Very easy and simple recipe.

I peeled and cleand two kilograms of apple. I cooked them and did everything according to the recipe. I poured it onto a baking tray. The recipe said let it stay on the tray for 24 h to dry. Then cut the marmalade into 2 x 2 x 2 centimeter pieces and roll them in sugar. Oooh, it looked so good and the smell was nice. I already wanted to taste it but decided to wait for the candies to be ready.

Now more than 24 hours later. Oh no ! It didn’t dry and thicken enough to be cut into pieces. I did something wrong ? ! Maybe it had needed 24 more hours. Who knows ? Anyway I’m tired of the whole thing by now and put it all in jars. We can use the “marmalade” as a spread on sandwiches, with flakes, on porridge etc.

 I know, at least, Leif will love it no matter is it cut into pieces or not as long as it is sweet.

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