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Helsinki 3rd Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix

Last year I saw a clip of the Trolley GP on TV. It looked so funny. I told Leif that next year we are going to go there. The race was yesterday. Carnival atmosphere. The teams in crazy costumes. The trolleys, the teams really had used their imagination and creativity. Some constructions doomed to failure. Some were very fast, some slow as snails, some crashed into the hay bales some loosing a wheel. The day was just perfect for the event. Very warm and sunshine. Everyone was happy, smiling, laughing and cheering. It was fun 🙂

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Apple Pie

We have a very old apple three in our garden. Only reason it is still there is because the flowers are so beautiful. In all these years it has made practically no apples. This year there are plenty. Small and very sour. You cannot eat them. But for apple pie they are OK. This pie has a vanilla cream filling. I was a bit skeptic about making the cream myself but it was easy. A delicious, tasty, yummy pie 🙂

Ã…land’s pancake

In Mariehamn I bought a postcard with the Ã…land’s pancake recipe. At home I read it and it said use rice pudding. The one we had in Bagarstugan was made of semolina porridge. I looked for new recipes on the net. Recipes with semolina. Also I found out many thinks using semolina is the right way to make the pancake. Of all the different recipes  I choose to use one by the well known Ã…land Islands chef Mikael Björklund. I also made the plum cream using his recipe. In my picture the pieces look almost too dark. They are not burned just some shadows and a bit dark.

We had the pancake with coffee. Yummy 🙂

Ã…land pancake, plum cream and whipped cream.

Visiting friends on Kimito Island

Almost two years since last time we visited our friends on Kimito. It was, to be exact, on 23 August 2010. The weather was nice and warm then and so it was also yesterday. We had a great day. Eeva had made a wonderful zucchini soup and a delicious blueberry pie. In the afternoon they took us on a sightseeing tour. It was very, very interesting. So many beautiful places. We couldn’t have had better guides than you two. Thank you so much dear friends 🙂


On the ferry from Kimito to the mainland.


It’s Dahlia time of the summer. The read and white Dahlia has been with me since 2006. It’s with the Dahlia as with the Lilies. I tell myself there’s no need to shoot new pictures every summer. Then as soon as I see them in bloom I cannot stop myself anymore.

 Summer 2006 

Summer 2012 Not yet as many flowers as in 2006 but still plenty of buds. 

This is my new “baby” which our god-daughter gave when they visited us about a month ago. It’s beautiful. I hope it too will stay with us for many, many years.

Pickled Cucumber

Yet another thing I have not made in a long time. Pickled cucumbers. I told Leif I will make some. For a little while he was totally flabbergasted. Then he tried to talk me out of the idea saying it’s not worth all the trouble because they don’t cost very much in the supermarket. Yeah, yeah . . . I know but I want to do it just for the fun of doing it. I bought five kilograms of cucumbers, a paper bag containing a mix of spices/preservative, some dill crowns and vinegar. I picked some blackcurrant leaves from our own bush. After a couple of hours washing the jars, washing the cucumbers, boiling the water, vinegar, sugar etc. I was able to enjoy looking at six jars of pickled cucumber. I hope they are as good as they smell. We have to wait two weeks to find out.
Yes it was fun !