Daily Archives: July 31, 2012

New Flower Bed

For many years we had a flower bed next to the wall on the sunny side of the house. After we had to replace the rainwater pipes about 10 years ago we have had no flower bed there. Not that i didn’t want one but everybody told me it’s not good to have flowers next to the wall. Maybe they are right but I like to them next to the wall around the house. That is how my mother had most of her flowers planted and how all my aunts planted their flowers as well.

I don’t think a small flower bed will make and difference so I told Leif I will make one. He volunteered for the work.  After 2-3 h I heard him shouting for me to come to have a look and to either approve the result or not. Yes, good enough, good job, thank you.

Today I planted the lily there. I hope it will feel at home there. That it will, even  if the summer is about to end, still make many new flowers way into the fall. Most importantly that it will survive the winter.