Daily Archives: July 29, 2012

Mörri and Canelo

My half-sister with her husband, younger son and dog Mörri visited us on Wednesday. I today received an e-mail with these two pictures, taken by her son Leevi, attached. The day was warm, really, really warm. Before they left we all went down to the lake to let Mörri and Canelo swim. Of course it is a must to have a toy. The dogs loved it there. Canelo  worried Mörri would take his toy so he had to run like a mad man to not let it happen. I love the picture of Canelo. You practically are able to feel the speed.

Thank you guys for visiting us and thank you for the nice pictures 🙂


The Pink Lilies

Click on the image for larger view.

I’m glad the lilies that for some reason were broken down are blooming. I set up “my studio” on the patio 🙂 I used a tablecloth as background. I wanted to take similar pictures with all three cameras to see any possible different. When editing the pictures I realised it was difficult. It was cloudy in the morning but still there was changes in the brightness. Neither should I have moved the tripod. Unfortunately when I changed from one camera to an other I did.  I spent about three hours to set up for the shooting, to shoot the pictures and to edit them. I wonder was it worth all the trouble and time I used because after all I’m not any wiser. Well I’m not any wiser but it was fun.


Canon PowerShot SX230 HS

I bought this Canon pocket when I found out how expensive fixing the battery cover of my Olympus would have been. This PowerShot pocket now is my favorite camera because of the size and weight, weight about 220 g


Canon EOS 350D I like my EOS but am not using it very often because it’s so heavy, about 1300 g


Olympus SP-560 UZ this is the one with the glued battery cover. I think the Olympus is the best  one for shooting close-ups.