Daily Archives: July 28, 2012

Fruit Salad

Yesterday in the supermarket I noticed a sign saying ‘ripe mangoes’. I have only bought one once and that was long time ago. I think it was not ripe as we didn’t like it. I decided to buy one and make a fruit salad. I also bought some green grapes, two bananas, one kiwi, the half of a cantaloupe and a tin of pineapple chunks.

So today I made the salad. Leif was not happy to find out there was no whipped cream, vanilla cream or ice cream with it ! After he grumbled and threatened to put sugar on it he finally tried some. It surprised him to find out it actually was delicious without any kind of cream or even sugar.  The salad was yummy and the mango really was good.

I read on the labels where from the fruits come. The mango is from Brasil, the kiwi from New Zealand, the bananas from Colombia, the pineapple from Thailand, the cantaloupe and the grapes from Spain. They have traveled a long way to end up to be eaten in Finland 🙂