New Lilies

I went back to the garden center today and the gardener told me this is a Lily Asiatic ‘Matrix’

Am I lily obsessed. I guess I am. I have lilies in five different colors. I love them, I love to photograph them. Last summer I was talking about buying some more lilies but for some reason I didn’t. Today we went to the vet shop to buy dry food. Quam’s on veterinary diet. On the way to the vet center we passed a garden center. I said to Leif that on the way back lets stop and go look for some lilies.  I was in lily heaven. So many beautiful lilies. I bought two kind of lilies. The red one above I don’t know the name of. I think I will go back there soon to ask for the name. The other one below is a Hemerocallis ‘Strawberry Candy’ (Daylily)

The label says it has a unique inflorescence. It flowers from May to October and is one of the most flowering perennials.  It’s blooms keep open for about 16 hours.  Each bloom flowers only for one day. It is a sun lover flower.  I will plant it on the sunny side of our house. I hope and wish it will like it there and stay with us for years to come 🙂

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