Daily Archives: July 22, 2012

Onion Tomato Pie

Way too long since last time we had onion pie. For today’s pie I used my good old recipe just adding some sliced tomatoes on top.  I chopped some parsley and chives to sprinkle over it.  Forgot to use them !  Leif, once again, said he thinks it’s a sign of an old age problem.

Lilies – orange, red, yellow

Lily time !

I really had made up my mind not to take any new pictures of the lilies. You know I have, since I bought them in 2006,  been taking pictures of them every summer. I already have more than enough lily pictures.

Well, sigh, when I see them I can’t resist. It’s like a drug. I think I’ll take just one or two pictures. Then the next day there are more of them. They all look so beautiful. Maybe just one or two more pictures. Soon I realize I have shot about 20 more pictures every day they are in bloom. They bloom for 2-3 weeks.  

After a day or two of shooting the orange ones the red ones are in bloom.

Then comes the yellow ones.  Of course I have to take pictures of them too.

Now I’m eagerly looking forward for the pink ones to bloom 🙂