Daily Archives: July 18, 2012

Blueberry Pie / Quismo 9 years

Last night while listening to music on YouTube I was, as I’m very often, browsing the net for recipes. I really don’t do any just like reading them and watching the pictures. It’s the same thing as when I still subscribed to magazines. As soon as the magazine arrived I looked up the recipes. Yet I rarely did any of it. So yesterday I was looking for some more exotic fruit recipes. Just happened to see some recipes with blueberries. Yes, oh yes, it’s blueberry season. I started browsing for blueberry pie recipes. After reading many different ones I found this one on a blog called Emmas Kök. The pie is a huge one with lot of blueberries. Very yummy ! Tack Emma 🙂

My handsome Quismo is turning 9 today. Leif said it was good I made the pie to celebrate Quismo’s birthday 😉 Well, Quismo himself is happy enough with his daily dose of chicken. I was at the pet shop, in the morning, buying both cat litter and dry food for Canelo. The young girl asked how many cats have you. I told her we have two and that the other one is actually turning 9 today. Ooh, she said, look, here’s small toy for him for his birthday. How sweet of here 🙂 I gave Quismo his present while Canelo was on a walk with Leif. Quismo was happy and excited and liked to play with the toy. Then Canelo and Leif returned. Canelo got excited. Way too excited. He took the toy. In no time, sorry to tell but, the toy broke !