Suomenlinna ~ Sveaborg

Yesterday we went to Suomenlinna. I got inspired to go there because one of my Facebook friends told me about an art exhibition at Suomenlinna library. Also I thought it time to make a visit there as I cannot remember how long ago it is since I last was there. Leif has visited the island for many times in the last 10-15 years. It’s not more than one and a half month since he was there with our niece for the season opening of the Customs Museum.  Leif too was excited to go there yesterday. He said he will take me the visit the Customs Museum.

The customs museum is a very small one. Only three small rooms. It was kind of funny to see the kind of uniforms in the museum that my husband used in the mid of the 60’s. My goodness, how old are we ? ! An other thing he was very proud of to show me was his friend Steve’s moped being there on display there for the summer.

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On the way back to the ferry we went to the library to enjoy the art exhibition of paintings by Seppo Saukkonen. Many of the paintings with scenes from the island. I already was familiar to his paintings from visiting his website. But seeing them “live” was nice. I forgot to shoot a picture of the museum building which also very pittoresque.

It was a great day. Suomenlinna really, really is a beautiful place. I could have stayed there for couple of more hours but we have paid the parking for the car only for three hours. Can you believe how stupid the parking meter. You need to, in advance, choose and pay for how long you are going to stay ! We paid for three hours. We returned only 5 minutes before the time was about to run out. I like the parking meters where you get your ticket when you arrive and then pay for the time you stayed when leaving.

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