Crow (Corvus Corone Cornix)


I think this is a young crow. He was sitting there on the fence. I think he looked a bit lost. He stepped back and forth and by and by he stopped to look at me.  Well I don’t know much about crows so I looked up some about them in a book we had on the bookshelf. There was very little information in the book so I checked for more on the net.

I read the following on Wikipedia. It says they are very intelligent. Yes I believe they are. What surprised me was that they can live to 20 years old. Even up to 30 years .  The oldest captive crow died at 59 years of age.

When I was little, about 6-7 years old,  I had heard people talk about tame crows. On a nice summer day I found a young crow in the woods. I brought it home. Unfortunately, to my regret, the crow died after a while. With some knowledge how to take care of it it could actually have stayed with me till now. How about that, eh ? !

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