Daily Archives: June 11, 2012

@ Sipoo/Sibbo Summer Fair

I said in my post of yesterday I visited the aviation museum on Sunday.  Nope, that was of course on Saturday 😉

Yesterday, Sunday, we visited the Sipoo/Sibbo Summer Fair. If Saturday was gray and drizzling then yesterday was the most wonderful warm and sunny day. Just perfect for a summer fair visit.


Sooo many beautiful flowers there are along the roadsides. I wanted to stop and take pictures. After two stops Leif said “enough”.  The yellows are Buttercups (Ranunculus repens) the blue/pink ones are Wild Lupins (Lupinus perennis)

The fair took place at Talma Ski Centre.  The place is not far away from where we live and it is just about 3 km away from our god daughter’s parents. When our son was a kid, in the beginning of the 80’s, we used to go to Talma to ski slalom.

I think there was about 80 exhibitors at the fair. Our god daughter was at work there at the stand for dental care.


I stood a long time looking at people jumping the bungee trampoline. There were all ages. Well not really all ages but kids and young people. I shot a short clip of girl who said it’s okay for me to put the clip on my blog. She was really good. Jumping really high up and did flips both back and forth.

After staying at the fair for about two hours we went to visit our god daughter’s mother.  Our god daughter’s  two daughters stayed there the weekend. Such a nice afternoon.


In the evening a friend, who was visiting some friends nearby us, was walking their two dogs. She came here and Canelo and I joined them for an evening walk.

No wonder I was tired already at 9 pm and fell asleep at about lap 26 watching the F1 Canada Grand Prix