Daily Archives: June 10, 2012

Visit At The Aviation Museum

National Old Museum Vehicle Day

In honor of the day the motorcycle club “Stadin Pärtsärit” bikers brought their old museum vehicle on display to the museum’s courtyard. This time there were not many bikes. Maybe because of the weather (gray and drizzling) or maybe just because it was  Sunday. So many people are at their summer places. I have seen the bikes for so many times. I left Leif outdoors to chat with the  guys.

I went to visit The Finnish Aviation Museum. I have visited the museum once before about 25 – 27 years ago. Sure was time to make a new visit there.


The Entrance                                               Convair 440 Metropolitan

The Convair was in Finnair’s use for the longest career in the history, 27 years.


 These ultralight “gliders”  really caught my attention. Look at the seat(s) ! Anyway, I think an ultralight glider requires an ultralight pilot. No es para mí 😀