Great Spotted Woodpecker Dendrocopos major

Great Spotted Woodpecker Dendrocopos major

When on my morning walk with Canelo I saw two of these woodpeckers in a tree just to the right of me.  Well, it was not that early morning anymore as it was at about 9:30. Anyway, I had my pocket camera in my pocket (always have) and I tried to as easy as possible wiggle it out from there and turn it on. Canelo is so used to that I stop to take pictures. He was just sitting there very still and quietly. The birds in the tree intensely following my doings. As soon as I was ready and lifted my camera to shoot they both flew away.


Oh, now what ? Yeah, either I go or I wait. I decided to wait. After about 4 minutes waiting the other one returned. He sat down a bit higher this time. All the time keeping an eye on me and my doings. I was able to shoot 8-10 pictures then he got annoyed and left.

I was surfing the net for the great spotted woodpecker. Oh my goodness there are plenty, plenty absolutely wonderful pictures.  Seeing all the great pictures I really was very unsure of me at all putting up “my woodpecker” here. Complaining to my husband about my bad pictures he said just stop complaining they are not that bad.

Okay then,  I think they are good enough. I shot all the pictures in landscape mode as the one at the top. Portrait mode would have been better. I just didn’t dare making any kind of movements to scare the bird away. The tree other pictures I have cropped from landscape mode.

These birds really can make terrible loud sound when sitting up on the top of a lamp pole on the metal lamp cap 🙂

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